What are amino acids? Have you ever eaten a piece of chicken, beef, fish or drank a dairy whey shake. These are component proteins that are broken down in the digestive track. They are broken down into constituent parts called amino acids.

These components are utilized by the body to rebuild body proteins from your hair to your feet and affect many bodily functions.

They are essential to cell maintenance, function and regeneration. They form antibodies to fight viruses and boost the immune system.

They are an integral part of the hormone and enzyme system function.

They build muscle, boost metabolism (for weight loss) and carry oxygen throughout the body.

As you can see they are critical for existence.

This page we will list the non essential aminos and their function. They can be produced in the body.

Usually they are produced from a chemical transformation of an essential amino acid or combination there of. Non essentials are just as important as the essential aminos

The difference is the essentials must be received by food or supplement.

I think it is important to understand that just because the body can produce the non essentials that does not mean it will.. In such cases, supplementation must occur.

Check the ailments and health benefits below.

Aminos are very effective in restoring health.

Non essential amino acids

Alanine– prostate health, nervous system, antibody production, sugar regulation (diabetics), eliminates toxins.

Arginine – erectile dysfunction, arthritis, bone health, HGH releaser, heart, hypertension, blood flow, collagen for skin, weight loss, mental acuity, cancer, and tumors.

Asparagine – Amino acid converter, helps mood swings, balances brain and nervous system

Aspartic acid– Increases testosterone, chronic fatigue, PH balance, metabolism, stamina +endurance, drug user rehab, brain function, immune system (produces antibodies).

Cysteine– powerful antioxidant, second hand smoke, iron absorption, respiratory congestion-asthma, bronchitis etc, repairs chemotherapy damage, hair growth, arthritis, heavy metals and AIDS.

Glutamic acid— neurotransmitter, brain fuel, learning, memory, behavioral disorders, prostate, treats epileptic seizures, treats hypoglycemic comas, readily converts to glucose, detoxifies liver

Glutathione– Antiaging, cell regeneration, removes toxicity from drug medication, removes lead +mercury, fights 69 different diseases, energy, heart and lung function, most potent antioxidant.

Glycine– constructs RNA and DNA, neurotransmitters, regulates bile, leg ulcers, prostate, stroke, epilepsy, Schizophrenia, calcium absorption, energy, regulates sugar levels (diabetes), anemia, Chronic fatigue, arterial plaque, digestive health, melanoma and tumors.

Glutamine– brain intellectual functioning, stabilizes blood sugar (diabetics), digestive track, ulcers, colitis, bowel function, protein synthesis (protein to body tissue), PH balance, Ammonia elimination, anti- inflammatory, arthritus, connective tissues, epilepsy, fatigue, male impotence, Schizophrenia, Immune system, decreases hunger

Proline– collagen, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, joints, back pain, stiffness, arthritis, immune system and heart muscle development

Serine– mental acuity, concentration, memory, produces tryptophan, fatigue, and fibromyalga

Taurine– vision, nerve function, anxiety, protects from toxic poisons, congestive heart failure, cholesterol, mineral cell balance, epileptic seizures, obesity and weight loss, glucose and insulin balance, diabetics, muscle maintenance

Carnitine– Heart attack, angina, congestive heart failure, lowers cholesterol and triglycerides, peripheral vascular circulation, kidney and dialysis, and weight loss.

What are amino acid deficiencies?

What are amino deficiences caused by? Good question. The answer lies in poor diet, poor protein sources, poor absorption, the inability of the body to break down proteins into amino acids and the inability of the body to convert one amino acid to another.

Aminos are critically important. Supplementation is necessary for youthful skin, muscle, strength, energy, endurance and overall vitality.

They are the antiaging secrets no one is really talking about.

Why? Few really understand how they function. But you can literally stop heart problems, arthritis and a whole host of ailments. That is why I listed above the ailments next to each amino acid.

How about weight loss? Did you know there are aminos that actually target weight loss in the mid section. Yea! I actually ran a test and proved it.

How about clear skin? Want to get rid of crows feet, lines and sagging skin without surgery? Very possible with the correct application of aminos.

The list goes on and on.

So how do I know which aminos I am lacking? A couple of ways. One–by the ailments you may be suffering? Two–by blood or urine analysis which is the most accurate way.

Many different tests are available online and vary from about $200–$300 dollars for a fasting blood, blood spot or urine analysis.

The most cost effective way is to ask your doctor for an amino acid profile next time you go for a physical. The test will show the limits and whether you are high or low concerning a particular amino acid.